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IconCool Editor 6.33

IconCool Editor is an application which helps you design original icons

IconCool Editor is an application which helps you design original icons to personalize files and folders' symbols according to your liking. The program also provides a section for creating unique animation cursors.

This utility gives you the possibility to create an icon using classic drawing tools. You can even insert a text sample in the icon's area. Additionally, you may apply a series of special effects which will bring a plus of style and elegance to your creations. Moreover, the program has the option to import already made icons that you can bring into the editor pane and modify them according to your wish.

Another method to create an icon is to capture a picture which will be brought into the editor aria in order to apply further changes. The capturing process is more than easy to perform. All you have to do is click the Capture Tool button and press the Ctrl key on the image you want to copy. To be sure that the captured image is the one you intended to select, you may see it in the Preview window. The next step is to paste it into the working area and apply the necessary changes to reach the final icon-like symbol.

IconCool Editor provides various specific features which makes this program a reliable tool for creating nice icons which bear the stamp of uniqueness.

Robert Vince
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  • You can perform up to 100 Undo/Redo actions for each icon
  • It provides nice special effects
  • It has various and complex features


  • It doesn't function without msvbvm60.dll installed
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